AddROM Bypass Google Account in 2024

AddROM is an application that can bypass the FRP lock on many Android smartphones. It allows you to install a new ROM (read-only memory) and sign in with a new Google account, effectively overriding the FRP lock. Learn what AddROM is, how to download and use it, its pros and cons, and the best alternative bypass solution 🙂

What is AddROM?

AddROM is an unofficial application that can be installed on Android devices to bypass their factory reset protection. It works by installing a custom ROM that ignores the FRP lock and allows you to sign in with a new Google account. vnROM has a higher success rate as compared to addrom in FRP Protection bypassing.

AddROM claims to be compatible with Android versions 4.2 through 9.0. However, its bypass success rate is not very high, especially on newer versions of Android. It is not approved or supported by Google or any phone manufacturer.

Bypass Google Account in 2024

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bypass frp using addrom

How to Download and Use AddROM FRP Bypass APK

Using AddROM to bypass FRP requires some technical knowledge. Here are the basic steps:

  • First, you will need access to another unlocked Android device.
  • On the unlocked device, download the HushSMS application and use it to send a WAP PUSH SL message to the locked device. This will open a browser window on the locked device.
  • In the browser on the locked device, open a specific YouTube video link. This will trigger the download of the Google Account Manager (GAM) and the AddROM FRP bypass APK files.
  • Install the bypass APK and use it to sign in with a new Google account, overriding the FRP lock.

As you can see, the process is quite complicated and success is not guaranteed. The steps may also vary depending on your device model.

Pros and Cons of Using AddROM

Here are some key advantages and limitations of using the AddROM method for FRP lock bypass:


  • Free to use (no license fee)
  • Does not require a computer


  • Limited Android version support

An alternative: DroidKit

If AddROM does not work on a few older/unsupported devices, we recommend using the DroidKit or checking the best tools to bypass FRP locks.

DroidKit provides an easy, fast, and reliable FRP removal solution with the following benefits:

  • Supports Android versions from 6 to 13, including the latest releases.
  • Customized solutions for different device models with high success rates.
  • The user-friendly process that anyone can follow. No technical expertise is required.
  • Bypass completed in minutes with minimal device handling.
  • Works with phones from Samsung, LG, Motorola, Xiaomi, etc.
  • 100% clean process with no malware or security risks.

In addition to FRP lock removal, DroidKit also provides screen lock removal, data backup & restore, SIM unlock, and more, making it an all-in-one Android solution.

Why do Android devices have an FRP lock in the first place?

The FRP lock is designed to deter theft and prevent stolen devices from being reset and reused. But it can cause problems if you forget your Google account details.


While AddROM can help bypass FRP on older, unsupported Android devices, it has limited compatibility and a complicated process. For reliable FRP removal on the latest Samsung, Xiaomi, and other Android phones, we recommend using the professional DroidKit solution.

This article was written by Gulfam Rai for educational purposes. If you have any questions about bypassing FRP locks, please contact [email protected].